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Women of Dept. H:  Cutey Honeys got a plan!  *fin. by Narked
Women of Dept. H: Cutey Honeys got a plan! *fin.
The girls are on the move from Department (H) Headquarters,  Honeys old enemy Dolmec has returned and teamed up with Ryokos hated Father/Creator Kagoto!  Together they tried to drive Honey's team apart with old suspicions and hatreds,  But Honey has an idea to turn the tables on them by giving them a taste of their own medicine!
Honey: "Lets see just how solid THEIR comradeship is!  With their overblown egos they CAN'T be that tight!"
Based on a incomplete fanfic i wrote back in 2000.
The drawings too big to show all of Department H Island, its just a hint here,  Cutey Honey bought the island which lies not far from the Midway islands,  and helped design the offices and facilities which are above and below ground,  spread throughout the islands interior (and used her Molecular powers to help install them) Some of those offices can be seen jutting out of the rockwalls and along the coastal coves,  thats where the girls are emerging from now,  Passing through the Great Gardens and to the Airport beyond.  Honey doesn't control the island,  Department H is under U.N. Security Council control,  but she is on the Board of Regents.
Nuff' said,  Hope you enjoy it!
Cutey Honey*Go Nagai*Dynamic Planning
Ryoko Hakubi* Tenchi Muyo* AIC
Chun-Li* StreetFighter II*Capcom
Rendered in Prang pencil colors.
Women of Dept. (H)*created by Narked 
(Gunbuster) Lt. Commander Noriko Takaya.  *fin.* by Narked
(Gunbuster) Lt. Commander Noriko Takaya. *fin.*
Here is MY version of Noriko Takaya as i envision her (and her fellow female Space Warriors)in my fanfic "Gunbuster: Starflight Academy"   with a bit more military muscle,  Now she looks like she can haul 100 pounds on her back plus weapons,  but still have the "Babydoll" look about her.  Its when she and her ladyfriends flex their muscles your can see these women are not to be trifled with!  As for the artwork i think a bit too much black this time on the background, very little bleeding this time only the dome on the space station really got touched, making it look warped somewhat but Noriko as best as i can detect came out untouched!  Same as Jung,  hopefully that means i'm getting better control using Watercolors!
Thats all Space Fans,  let me know what YOU think as allways!  Now on to Kazumi Amano!
Lt. Commander Noriko Takaya: Gunbuster,  Aim for the Top! *Gainax studios.
rendered in Prang color pencils,  Backgrounds in Watercolor and Windsor/Newton drawing inks.
Streetfighter vs. KOF: When in Rome...   fin. by Narked
Streetfighter vs. KOF: When in Rome... fin.
Rock and Roll! What better place for a fight than the Roman
Coliseum! This "first confrontation" came about due to R. Mika's big mouth!
Well the KOF girls aren't gonna stand for it and the fist
start flying, Ha! Their young! Their full of beans! Their havin' a
blast! Loser buys the beer! (when they get back from the E R!)
Viva Italia'!
Chun-Li, Cammy White, R. Mika, Sakura, StreetFighter II*Capcom
Athena Asamiya, Leona Heidern, Mai Shiranui, Blue Mary, King of Fighters* SNK
rendered in Prismacolor and Faber-Castell pencils with Watercolor backgrounds.
Streetfighter Alpha: Unrelenting Hatred!  cmpl. by Narked
Streetfighter Alpha: Unrelenting Hatred! cmpl.
Well here it is in all its brutal glory, Since this takes place
at night i wanted to darken it, but didn't really know how
without "smudgeing" it, Too much shading makes it look
murky. So i put headlights and lamplights on below to indicate its at night, A little shading on the streets. The
girls have taken their war to the rooftops, Cammy tries one
of her finishing moves, The Frankensteiner but instead of
landing on Chun-Li's shoulders she goes for a scissor-lock
around her waist to flip her up and over, Chun-Li knows whats coming and decides she ain't goin' down like that
baby, and tosses her self backwards not realizing how close they are to the edge! Whatever happens shes not
going alone and hauls Cammy with her down to their......
Cammy, Chun-Li, StreetFighter Alpha* Capcom
Characters rendered in Prismacolor pencil,
Backgrounds in Pastel Pencil and color pencils.
Streetfighter II: Whats a Poughkeepsie? by Narked
Streetfighter II: Whats a Poughkeepsie?
As i said in the past i'm going to color some of my past works just for the hell of it, something to distract me from
tedium, not really looking to correct mistakes, My past art is a barometer to let me know how far my art work has come,
So i resubmit this one from the late 90's, One of my favs!
As allways let me know what you think peoples!


Mac McElvane
United States
Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Favourite genre of music: If its got a good beat and can dance to it, I like it!
Favourite style of art: Art Deco, Manga, Outdoor paintings
Favourite cartoon character: Huckleberry Hound(now you know i'm old school) Cutey Honey, Girls of "Gunbuster"
Personal Quote: When trouble comes don't run and hide, Break on through to the other side!!!


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