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SF II Rainbow Mika vs. Chun-Li: Raising a Sweat! by Narked
SF II Rainbow Mika vs. Chun-Li: Raising a Sweat!
"Anyplace is a good place for a scrap!" says Rainbow,   Absolutly! replies Chun-Li,  but the girls can't do their usual havoc in a Health Spa,  trashing a gymnasium with their usual chop-saki routine would make them VERY unpopular(not to mention the repair bill guarantees they won't be back!) So they decide on a simpler and fair challenge,  Freestyle Arm Wrestling!  A true test of physical strength!  and fighting in a sauna just helps spice things up!
Its on! So grab a bag of Popcorn and enjoy the show peoples!Popcorn 
Chun-Li and Rainbow Mika* StreetFighter II*Capcom
rendered in Prang and Prismacolor pencils. 
K.O.F Girls:  At your Service!  skt.#II by Narked
K.O.F Girls: At your Service! skt.#II
*wip*  King, Leona Heidern and Yuri Sakazaki takin' it to the bad guys!  (and thats all í'm saying right now!)
Stay tuned...
King,  Leona Heidern and Yuri Sakazaki* King of Fighters* Art of Fighting* SNK
Chun-Li vs. Shang-Chi!  (Capcom vs.Marvel) by Narked
Chun-Li vs. Shang-Chi! (Capcom vs.Marvel)
My scanner shaved off a bit of the edges but its all mostly intact!  This takes place after Chun-Lis StreetFighter Alpha years and just before the events of StreetFighter II,  hence the new Quipao which kind of resembles the classic blue/yellow but is an all new color mode,  think of it as a "test quipao" for Chun-Li to transition to her classic look.  Here i transferred Shang-Chis history to more recent SF universe history,  Chun-Li is a newly commissioned Interpol agent and while looking for info on M. Bison she sees a chance to deal with an even greater threat,  The son of the mysterious and much feared Dr. Fu Manchu: Shang-Chi!  But what she doesn't know is Shang freelances for MI-6 from time to time(as he did in the original comic back in the 70's)and he has NO interest in following in his fathers footsteps, rather he seeks to take his criminal empire down and Fu Manchu to justice! This isn't public knowlege so its understandable if Chunny "jumps the gun" ,  She does what she does best, No introductions!  She just pounces on him! :o (Eek)  and Shang finds himself in a REAL fight as she goes hogwild,Rage   ignoring his attempts to explain himself,  She believes the son of Fu Manchu can't be trusted,  just jack the fool and ask questions after she hauls his ass downtown! 
Shang-Chi is gonna regret trying to catch the bus home tonight!Sweating a little... 
A classic mix-up in the true Marvel style! or as Ken Watannabe said in Godzilla, " Let them FIGHT!!"Fight! 
Chun-Li: StreetFighter II*Capcom
Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu* Marvel comics.
done in Prang and Prismacolor pencils.
Capt. Kazumi Amano and friend(Gunbuster) skt 2. by Narked
Capt. Kazumi Amano and friend(Gunbuster) skt 2.
Gunbusters resident "Space Geisha"  Kazumi Amano,  and allways ready to show were her heart lies!  (Lucky man that Kenichi!).
Kazumi Amano* Gunbuster,  Aim for the Top!*  Gainax studios
Capcom Chun-Li clock #3, close up by Narked
Capcom Chun-Li clock #3, close up
Once again i must apoligize for the fuzzy photography but you should still be able to make out the details in this close up,  i've got to get me a pro-cam!  I want to turn this into a poster shot!  I think this is artwork from SFIII.
Chun-Li*Streetfighter II* Capcom.


Mac McElvane
United States
Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Favourite genre of music: If its got a good beat and can dance to it, I like it!
Favourite style of art: Art Deco, Manga, Outdoor paintings
Favourite cartoon character: Huckleberry Hound(now you know i'm old school) Cutey Honey, Girls of "Gunbuster"
Personal Quote: When trouble comes don't run and hide, Break on through to the other side!!!


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