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Women of Dept.(H): Cutey Honeys got a plan! skt#II by Narked
Women of Dept.(H): Cutey Honeys got a plan! skt#II
Workin', Workin', Workin'.....
Stay Tuned....Painter 
Cutey Honey*Go Nagai* Dynamic Planning
Ryoko Hakubi* Tenchi Muyo* AIC
Chun-Li*StreetFighter II* Capcom corp.
Cutey Honey and The women of Dept. (H) by Narked
Cutey Honey and The women of Dept. (H)
My first "DreamTeam" of anime, done in Pastels (My favorite
medium.)  Five founding members: Cutey Honey (luv hr!) Ryoko of Tenchi Muyo(gotta
have a BAD girl in there!) Moldiver II for pure power! And of
course Chun-Li and Cammy! Let me know what you think?
Did this one back in Jan '07. Old school smakin'!!

Cutey Honey* Go Nagai (Dynamic Planning)
Cammy, Chun-Li* Street Fighter II* Capcom
Ryoko, Tenchi Muyo* AIC
Moldiver * H. Kitazume*AIC
Women of Dept. ( H) by Narked
Women of Dept. ( H)
One of my first attempts at drawing a large group, This from 98' features most of my favorite anime girls(except
the girls from Gunbuster) My second all female team, Cutey
Honey is in charge with Chun-Li as her lieutenant(natch!)
Their headquarters is an island between Japan and Hawaii
and they work for U.N. Security Council. I'd try to draw them again much later.
from L-R: Mai Shiranui, Chun-Li, Botan (from Yu Yu Hakushou)Cutey Honey, Moldiver II, Ryoko, Aika, Cammy,
in front: Devil Hunter Yohko and Azusa.
Streetfighter II:  Chun-Li at bay! by Narked
Streetfighter II: Chun-Li at bay!
I got my hands on the uncut Street Fighter: the animated
movie way back at the turn of the century, I froze the fight
scene between Chun-Li and Vega, and did a quick sketch
of Li during her counter attack, I adore that scene, It captured her at her most fiercest, and her most beautiful.
A She-Cat at bay, But not for long!

Chun-Li, Street Fighter II* Capcom
No. 2 Pencil


Mac McElvane
United States
Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Favourite genre of music: If its got a good beat and can dance to it, I like it!
Favourite style of art: Art Deco, Manga, Outdoor paintings
Favourite cartoon character: Huckleberry Hound(now you know i'm old school) Cutey Honey, Girls of "Gunbuster"
Personal Quote: When trouble comes don't run and hide, Break on through to the other side!!!


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Narked Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Want to take a moment to thank all you watchers new and old,  I'll keep on trying to please everyone as best my skills can!  Hope you enjoy the show!
Stay tuned.....;)
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Thank you for the favourite!
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Thanks much the afve, buddy! ;)
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No problemo ol' friend'!
Narked Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Want to thank everyone and anyone who helped me reach the Albino LLama,  heck i hadn't even noticed but like i keep telling everybody i'm a BUSY guy!!  Thanks again!
I've got too much work to do. 
segaman4 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Take requests?
Narked Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
(Sigh) Impossible now, My new profession as Property Inspector keeps me moving!  Reports to file,  I don't know how to find time to draw for myself,  projects that would have taken a few weeks now will take months provided i can find the time.  So sorry. :(
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Thanks for the fave
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No problemo,  Good stuff!
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