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The Original New Mutants (1983) wip. by Narked
The Original New Mutants (1983) wip.
From the early 80's the original team without Doug Ramsey and Warlock(never have liked them, don't need 'em!) nearly done,  will have it up soon!
Stay tuned....
The New Mutants: Marvel comics.
Chun-Li: Queen of Hong Kong! (Elin Kuzunoha ) by Narked
Chun-Li: Queen of Hong Kong! (Elin Kuzunoha )
Oooookay,  Lets try that again,  After some kind of glich i managed to get this  sample of the panoramic poster i made with Cosplayer Elin Kuzunoha as Chun-Li!
I had promised her this poster a loooong time ago and i'm finally getting the hang of using my new Portable Scanner bar,  Hope to have it all up soon!  Untill then enjoy everyone,  especially YOU Elin!
Stay Tuned!
Cosplayer Elin Kuzunoha as Chun-Li
Chun-Li*StreetFighter II*Capcom.
poster by Narked.
(First Confrontations)Barbara Orchid vs. Chun-Li by Narked
(First Confrontations)Barbara Orchid vs. Chun-Li
Ah the people you meet while strolling through the countryside,  Chun-Li  runs into Orchid in an out of the way Chinese village,  They've never fought,
They make up for lost time!  Babs DOES NOT pull her punches, tries to blast Chun-Li more than once with her Laser Tonfas! which is just fine with Chunny....
Chun-Li: I wear spiked bracelets,  let me introduce them to you...Fight! !
Fight On!Bonk 
Chun-Li*StreetFighter II*Capcom
Barbara Orchid* Killer Instinct*Rare/Double Helix
done in Prang and Prismacolor pencilsl.
SailorMoon:  REBORN!  *fin.* by Narked
SailorMoon: REBORN! *fin.*
I don't know why Minako came out two toned at first,  My Hewitt-Packard printer is a curious and sometimes irritating thing,  the drawing here next to me is a nice uniform sunny yellow,  I've fixed it now and left her two toned but with a better, more agreeable appearance! The swirl of color is on purpose to imitate the look when the girls change in to their costumes as they appear in the original anime!  Anyway no drawing i've done since i came to DVA has vexed me more than this redesign of my fave five of the original Sailormoon Senshi!  And i've been working on this on and off for 3 years now! My version which takes place after the DoomTree storyline the girls are in High School now and they've received a SERIOUS upgrade to their powers and abilities!  Heres the rundown:
Usagi/SailorMoon:  Shes basically the same but with more ridged, puffed shoulderpads,  She has a blue choker now with six cresent shapes blades made of micro-molecular material controlled telepathically,  hence they can chop through solid steel like its not even there!  She wears a ring on her left hand which can project a beam of light in the sky the shape of the SailorScouts Greek symbols(think like the Bat Signal or better yet Jimmy Olsen's Superman ring that does the same thing.)
Her Moon wand is the same but she can lengthen it into a staff like Sailor Neptune and SailorSaturn,  all the better for bashing bad guys and demons over the head with it,  All her other known abilities remain.
Rei/SailorMars: Simply put Rei is HOT!!  When she activates her powers the outline of her body seems writhed in licks of flame!  Her great mane of dark Purple hair becomes a rolling wave of flames,  but don't worry she can burn you only if she wills it!  Her powers remain the same with some advancements,  She can throw flame from her arms like a flamethrower and spit flame from her mouth!  Rei can fire Heat Beams from her eyes but doesn't do it much as creating solid beams of heat leaves her exhausted and with the Mother of all Migranes!  She can go on the defensive by creating a heat sheild made of Five rings that surround her body looking like small ping-pong size balls of flame,  Nothing can penetriate it not even missiles, while she has the rings around her she can fly by manipulating warm air currents,  Her pupils dialate, allowing her to see in the Infra-Red spectrum,  even the Kirillian Field around the body,  turning her into a living Lie-Detector!
Ami/SailorMercury: Ami is WATER,  Period!  She can manipulate ANY form of liquid as long as it has some water base to it,  even in the human body!  When she changes she looks as she normally does but as if her body was made of water,  You can see foam and waves withing her form(Usagi thinks its kind of pretty,  a LIVING Ocean!) When Ami runs her legs dissappear and meld together creating a wave rolling across the ground,  when she stops her water legs return,  Like Spider-Man's old enemy Hydroman she can create forms with her legs and arms so bad guys can expect a giant block shaped fist in there faces or kicked with a super sized water leg!  She can increase her size by drawing moisture around her to her body,  the more moisture the larger she becomes,  She can spray water from her arms like a Waterhose and still summon her Shabon Bubble Spray but now she creates a ball of foam from her hands and blows it at her targets!  Ami carries her equipment: VR-visor, Communicator, Mini-Computer etc. in a satchel at her side which she absorbs into her body when she doesn't need it,  It reappears when she returns to human form.
Makoto/SailorJupiter:  My fave Jupiter and Venus recieved the biggest changes,  Makoto is the Strongwoman of the team and she is the top Martial Arts member,  I took away her ankle-high boots and gave them to Rei, but Rei's boots are red and pointed at the top behind her calf with little anklewings,  Makoto has calf-high boots with gold lightning bolts running down the center,  You'll see them in a future drawing,  anyway Makos power is THE STORM! Her original powers are intact and increased!  She can throw lightning bolts from her hands and create thunderstorms,  wind, rain even manipulate the tempurture,  The most startiling change i gave her when she activates her powers her pupils dissappear!  Her eyes become glowing orbs of light with tiny flashes of lightning,  the more excited or angry she gets the brighter the flashes,  She can fly short distances but is carefull when doing so because she must create a storm around her to do it(No use flooding all of Tokyo just to fly across the neighborhood!)When she calls the lightning you'll remember a tiny lightning rod springs up from her tiara,  only now its in the shape of a lightning bolt,  I changed her skirt to wrap around her right hip at an angle and its held by a Gold disc shaped clasp with a lightning bolt carved into it.
Minako/SailorVenus: Last and definetly not least The Veteran deserves a lot more,  I gave it to her!  Min is LIGHT!  She manipulates light in all its forms and can see through the Ultraviolet spectrums!  When she activates her power her body is covered in a light shield/armor, even her hair,  Only her eyes, mouth and eyebrows are visible on her face creating a perfect mask,  her tiara dissappears, only a bright golden star visible on her forehead and her earrings glow as well,  She fires coherent beams of light from her fingers like a perverbial gunfighter!  Including her Venus canon beam which is now her ultimate attack,  while in lightform her body is near impervious to physical attack,  even a missile impact wouldn't do more than wind her,  She can fly near lightspeeds and when she does her legs meld,  from the hips down she leaves a comet trail of light behind her!  She can also create shields of light or a light-dome to protect her and her friends.
Oh the cats Luna and Artemis remain the same.
Behind them is the MAIN reason this artwork was delayed,  their starship Luna Moth!  A "ship of the Imagination!" created from Usagi's mind! It can be flown manually or guided telepathically by Usagi.
Rei: "Usagi's brain created it?  THATS the scariest thing i've EVER heard!"
Usagi: "WWWAAAGGHHH!!!"  Reis being mean to me again!!Sweating a little... 
I'm NO GOOD at machines which is why it took so long to come up with a design,  still you'll all get a better look at it and their uniforms with the poster of their Hokkaido mountain base i'm working on.
P.S. check out DarktheWise's Sailor Ninja, SailorMoon where i explaned how Usagi and the Sailorscouts summon the Luna Moth!
and thats all i've got for now,  C'ya and hope you like it! ;)
(Minako/SailorVenus corrected as of 04/10/15)

Sailormoon* based on the original series created by Naoko Takeuchi/Toei animation.
rendered in Prang and Prismacolor pencils.
Usagi Tsukino: "In the name of the Moon,  We'll just kick your ass!!!"=P (Razz) 
Moonlight Rumble: Juri Han vs. Chun-Li by Narked
Moonlight Rumble: Juri Han vs. Chun-Li
You KNOW their lovin' it!  Don't let the angle fool you,  Chun-Li and Juri are taking their battle to the treetops,  Chun-Li breaks off and runs for a nearby tree,  Juri knows Chunny is no coward and sees the method to her madness!  She runs for an adjacent tree and they take their private, little war into the air! (If you've seen those old Ranma 1/2 animes think of those crazy 40 foot leaps they do all over the place,  punching,  kicking and chopping each other at warp speeds!  From the battle damage its safe to say their having a grand 'ol time!Do not try and bend the spoon ... 
Chun-Li and Juri Han* StreetFighter II* Capcom Inc.
done in Prang and Prismacolor pencils.


Mac McElvane
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Personal Quote: When trouble comes don't run and hide, Break on through to the other side!!!


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